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Gloss Babe Charm Gloss

  • Moisturizing + Flavored Lip Gloss
  • Glossy and Non-Sticky
  • Applies Sheer + Smooth
  • Absolutely ADORABLE
  • Funky Charms in Every Tube
  • Woman Owned
  • Small Batch + Handmade
  • Organic + Cruelty Free
  • Based in Fort Smith, Arkansas
  • Brand: Gloss Babe

Cherry Limeade - Sweetened gloss that smells just like the signature Sonic drink! Carbonated lime soda with cherry syrup... adorable cherries + lime slices in every tube.

Pinkity Drinkity - Strawberry scented pink lip gloss. Contains super cute strawberry decals, mixed in a pink lip gloss base. 

Strawberry Coconut Milk - Strawberry coconut scented white lip gloss with super cute strawberry decals mixed in. 

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